EcoNews. Reducing our plastic

EcoNews. Reducing our plastic
We're really happy to now be able to order our tins with no plastic packaging! We never asked for our bags to be in plastic, it was just how the manufacturer sent them unfortunately.
This means no more mini-bags and another step towards fulfilling our mission of manufacturing and selling a sustainable product with minimum waste and eliminating as much excess packaging as we can.
Heres a look at what how our tins used to arrive to us, as opposed to how they now arrive!

 You may be wondering what we do with all the extra bags... 

We keep them all and reuse/recycle them however we can. Our current aim is to use all leftover bags to create ecobrick's, which we'll be learning more about at our eco bricking workshop this month with Lucie Mann from EcoBricks UK.
For more information on EcoBricks, how you can make your own at home and what to do with them visit EcoBricks Uk website here.

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