Holographic biodegradable glitter is now here!

EcoStardust Holographic Biodegradable Glitter

It’s here! The glitter you have all been asking for! Biodegradable holographic effect glitter (Bioglitter® Holo). Available now for preorder here.



Samples of this have been sat in my office for a while now and this has been a tough one to keep secret knowing how much you, our lovely customers have wanted this.


Certified biodegradable holographic glitter

But Holographic biodegradable glitter is now REAL. Bioglitter® Holo is the first and only certified fresh water biodegradable holographic effect glitter product.

There are so many biodegradable glitters on the market now which aren’t truly biodegradable. Read our article on this here.

We are proud licensed stockist of Bioglitter®. Produced by Ronald Britton and the only glitter which has gone through independent testing to prove its biodegradability credentials.

What makes Holographic biodegradable glitter so great:

  • TÜV Certified Fresh Water Biodegradable Holographic Bioglitter™ - A level of certification considered the highest of its kind in the world. 
  • Proven to biodegrade quickly and safely in natural, fresh water environments
  • Derived from natural materials rather than plastic
  • Ethically and sustainably sourced raw materials
  • Holographic effect glitter
  • Dazzling rainbow effect
  • Spectacular in non-diffuse, direct light
  • Soft to touch | Globally cosmetic compliant
  • Extremely low heavy metals content
  • Antimony free

Where can I buy biodegradable holographic glitter

Order this dazzling new holo eco glitter here.

EcoStardust is an award winning business selling biodegradable glitters made from plants. We are a proud licensed reseller of Bioglitter® products. Based in the UK.


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