Tips & Tricks To Have a Green Halloween

Tips & Tricks To Have a Green Halloween
 Tips & Tricks To Have an Green Halloween 


Trick or Treat Without the Waste

We know that most Halloween trick or treat sweets are wrapped in single use, non-recyclable plastic. It's not always easy to get your hands on plastic-free sweets and chocolate but keep an eye out for aluminium foil-wrapped chocs, pick and mix sweets which come in paper bags (if you are giving the sweets to friends) or instead try alternative gifts such as friendship bracelets, fresh fruit, packets of raisins, or coloured pencils.

Remember to take a reusable treat bag out with you. The plastic pumpkin or witches cauldron buckets are fun but will ultimately end up in the landfill, so try and avoid buying these items.

Eco Halloween


Unfortunately most costumes are made of cheaper synthetic fibres and sadly a large percentage are thrown away each year, creating masses of textile waste. 

Instead of buying new costumes each year, get creative by using what you already have and looking to charity shops for this years outfit. Cut up old clothing/sheets or re-work bits of old costumes to create a new look. If you're left it too late and are thinking of spending money on a last minute costume, consider hiring one that you can return after your event, and of course if you're wanting to add a touch of sparkle to your costume make sure its eco-friendly biodegradable glitter!

Eco Halloween


Grab some scrap paper and a pair of scissors to create bunting and cut out spooky decorations to stick to your walls and ceiling. 

Turn your hand to knitting, crocheting, sewing or paper crafts to create decorations, or spooky garlands which you can bring out year after year.

If you've bought some pumpkins for decorations remember to compost them after Halloween. If they've been carved, save the seeds which can be tossed in oil and roasted as a tasty snack. If your pumpkin hasn’t been destroyed from being carving out or having wax candles inside you can cook it up into a lovely pumpkin soup afterwards. 

Eco Halloween


Apple bobbing or doughnut dangling are easy fun games with no waste involved and everyone can get involved. A great game for kids is a Halloween-themed ‘guess what’s in the box’. Take it in turns to reach into a covered box and feel your way around to guess what’s inside. Use grapes to replicate eyeballs, popcorn kernels for teeth, the creepier the better!


If you're throwing a party at home there are many things you can do to be kinder to the planet and save you some cash at the same time. Try recreating some of these home-baked treats, decorate your own spooky biscuits, try making candy apples and homemade fruit punch. As convenient as it can be, don’t buy single use Halloween party plates, cups and straws that will end up in landfill on November the 1st. If you want to go with themed cups and plates, buy reusable or stick to glass and crockery and use black napkins, paper lanterns, mini pumpkins and candles to create a spooky scene.  

Eco Halloween


Have a Happy Green Halloween!


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