I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas...

Tips and tricks on how you can have an eco-friendly Christmas, that doesn't cost the Earth!

Christmas Gifts

  • Shop local and shop sustainably. Supporting small businesses and independent makers near you helps your local community. We've got a section in the Etsy Winter Pop-Up in The Galleries (Bristol) with lots of other incredibly talented local artists creating sustainable goods.
  • Try to choose gifts that will last and be appreciated in years to come instead of purchasing novelty gifts which will be tossed away on Boxing Day.
  • Christmas is famously a time for giving, so consider giving the gift of charity this Christmas. Make a donation to your supported environmental charity or shop from your local charity shop for a unique find. 

Etsy Winter Pop-Up Bristol


    Gift Wrapping

    • Reuse wrapping paper and old magazines or newspapers for gift wrap.
    • There's a lovely eco-friendly gift wrapping art in Japan called Furoshiki where gifts are wrapped in reusable fabric instead of paper which you can always consider as a new method of wrapping your gifts! We found these cloths by Folds to be amazing and they're made from organic cotton. Available in the Etsy Winter Pop-Up or from their website.
    • Try to avoid plastic ribbon and bows, instead opt for twine, string, raffia or fabric ribbons which can all be reused or recycled.
    • Make gift tags from last year's Christmas cards instead of buying new tags.


    Folds Linen Gift Wrap 

     Food & Cooking
    • Christmas dinner isn't just for Christmas Day! Turn food waste and leftovers into new meals. You could always take your trimmings and vegetable peels and cook up a delicious soup or sandwich. The possibilities are endless and means less food waste!
    • Ditch the cling film and foil and choose reusable wax wraps instead and these will keep your delicious dishes just as fresh.


    Reusable Food Wraps



    • For your table decorations, you can always use fabric napkins and jazz them up with festive napkin rings which can be used every year instead of using paper napkins. Avoid sprinkling sequins and plastic on the table that will just end up in landfills, instead, throw some biodegradable glitter over the table cloth to sparkle up the table.
    • In terms of other decorations, look to your gardens for foliage and Christmas evergreen sprigs to add some colour and pine scent to table runners, banisters and mantle pieces. Gather some dry twigs and spray them with gold/silver paint and add to a vase and dry orange slices on a low heat in the oven and attach ribbon to hang on the twigs or to use for table decorations or your Christmas tree.
    • Instead of buying crackers with single-use plastic toys inside, try making your own with handwritten jokes and sweet treats inside or opt for an eco-friendly version such as this one.


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